SUNPOWER Maxeon Solar Panel Installers

Your solar panel choice matters.

Maximise your savings with SunPower Maxeon solar panels and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with solar's top durability, reliability and efficiency, all backed by the industry's leading warranty.

All of our pricing includes installation, certification, and VAT (where applicable). We do not take deposits and no salesperson will ever visit your home. Enquire today to receive your free no obligation remote quotation from one of our highly trained technical advisors.


    SUNPOWER Maxeon Solar Panel Installers

    SUNPOWER Maxeon Solar Panels: Fundamentally different, and better!

    SUNPOWER Maxeon solar panels are designed to be different, and proven to be better across more than five cell generations, 3.5 billion cells and 30 million panels, even in the harshest of conditions. Conventional solar cells lose power over time because of corrosion and breakage. The unique design of SUNPOWER Maxeon solar cells eliminates 86% of the reasons that conventional cells fail. So your SUNPOWER panels - and savings - continue to deliver. Year, after year, after year!

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    Highest warranted power output protection in the solar industry: 88.3% in year 40.

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    Coverage for defects related to workmanship and materials for 40 years, versus the typical 12- to 25-year warranty of standard panels.

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    Repair, replacement or refund for any defective panel for 40 years, hassle free, with removal, shipping and installation included.

    Invest with Confidence: Enjoy up to 40 Years of Warranty Coverage

    SUNPOWER customers benefit from some of the strongest warranties in the solar industry.

    Whether you choose the flagship SUNPOWER Maxeon panel line, backed by an incredible 40-year warranty, or our value-line SUNPOWER Performance panels with their 25-year warranty, you can rest assured that you'll have peace of mind for decades to come.

    Each panel is manufactured with the absolute confidence to deliver more energy, reliability and savings over time and reinforced by extensive third party testing and field data from more than 35 million panels deployed worldwide to ensure you get the best warranty available, and complete peace of mind.

    sunpower solar panel installers 40 year warranty

    SunPower Maxeon 6 AC

    Maximise your savings and minimise your headaches.​

    SUNPOWER AC module systems combine industry-leading solar panel technology with advanced microinverter technology from ENPHASE to maximise your roof’s potential. ​ ​

    The result? Greater reliability over your system’s lifetime, with superior output in real-world conditions—not to mention the enhanced curb appeal that comes with a simpler, cleaner system design.​

    And it’s all backed by the peace of mind that comes with 40 years of category-leading warranty protection and the professional expertise gained from 35+ years in solar.​

    Better technology. Better together.​ ​

    SUNPOWER Solar Panels, Solar you can believe in!

    Will the solar company you choose outlast its warranty? For 35 years, SUNPOWER technology has pushed the boundaries of solar innovation, delivering record-setting efficiency and unmatched reliability that powers positive change around the world.

    sunpower solar panel installers here to stay
    sunpower solar panel installers better cells

    No grid lines

    SUNPOWER Maxeon cells use back-contact conductivity, eliminating unsightly metal gridlines, and enabling them to absorb more sunlight.

    Solid metal backing

    Metal adds massive strength to each cell, helping it resist corrosion from the elements, while making the entire panel more durable.

    Thick connectors

    Expanding and contracting from daily temperature swings are no problem with our built-in strain relief and thick, triple-redundant connectors.

    SUNPOWER Solar Panels: Unmatched reliability

    SUNPOWER panels are warranted to 92% of their original performance after 25-years. Invest with confidence, knowing that SUNPOWER Maxeon panel quality is proven.

    In actual field testing across 8 years and 800,000 panels at 264 sites, SUNPOWER Maxeon solar panels demonstrated the lowest degradation rates in the industry, almost 4x stronger reliability than conventional panels.

    In addition, each panel is backed by the industry-leading SUNPOWER Complete Confidence Panel Warranty.

    And more reliability means more savings!

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    SUNPOWER Solar Panels FAQ

    Every day, pioneers and innovators around the world put their trust in the industry-leading reliability and performance of SUNPOWER technology to make a positive impact on our world. SUNPOWER technology overview features a selection of innovative customers and applications that are helping the world go faster, further and higher than we ever thought possible.

    Have more questions? Request a call back from one of our our highly trained advisors today!

    SUNPOWER Solar Panels: Solar for Life

    SUNPOWER Maxeon solar technology makes life’s best moments even brighter, today and for decades to come.

    Homeowners and companies everywhere choose the unrivalled quality of Maxeon solar panels to power their lives and businesses.

    SUNPOWERs innovative Maxeon solar panels produce more energy than standard ones and have the industry’s longest warranted lifespan: 40 years.

    Which means Maxeon customers can count on a lifetime of satisfaction and savings. And together, we can work towards a better tomorrow for the planet with reliable, sustainable energy.


    More Energy, More Value

    SUNPOWER Maxeon panels deliver more energy for your money and greater certainty for you.

    From day one, Maxeon solar panels capture more sunlight and produce more energy than standard panels. That means real savings across the long life of your system.

    And with an industry-leading warranty that covers the power and performance of Maxeon solar panels for 40 years, the advantage is clear: Maxeon technology gives you more energy for your money and total confidence in your investment.

    A Safer Investment

    SUNPOWER Maxeon panels perform better and last longer in unpredictable weather and all climates.

    Whether they’re exposed to scorching heat, cloud cover or salty air, Maxeon solar panels perform better for decades to come.

    Our unique technology runs at lower temperatures, resists cracking, and captures more sunlight at dawn and dusk2 .

    Plus, SUNPOWER Maxeon panel performance is proven in the real world – not just in the­­­­ lab – so you can trust Maxeon for more energy and value that lasts.

    For A Better Tomorrow

    No other panels combine powerful performance and sustainability like SunPower Maxeon panels.

    Now you can have the most sustainable solar panels on the market without sacrificing performance.

    Maxeon solar panels are lead free and made with recyclable materials in our resource efficient facilities. No wonder Maxeon panels have multiple third-party certifications for sustainable manufacturing.

    And backed by an incredible 40-year warranty, they won’t need replacing for decades, greatly reducing waste.

    Make the most of every moment!

    SUNPOWER solar panels make the most of every moment of sunlight. Enquire today to receive a tailored quotation for your system with a low pressure, no obligation sales approach.

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