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At PV People, we are committed to providing clients in Halifax with exceptional solar installation services.


    Solar Panel Installers in Halifax

    Installing Solar Panels in Halifax is made easy with PV People. We offer a hassle-free approach to set up solar panels on your property.

    Whether you need a quick solar inverter replacement or a GivEnergy battery storage system installation, our experienced Halifax-based solar installers provide top quality products and come with a 10-year workmanship warranty. With us, you can have peace of mind that you’re working with the finest advisors and technicians in the market.

    No Initial Deposits

    We don't demand an upfront deposit for any services rendered.

    Post-Completion Payment

    We bill you only after you are entirely happy with the final setup.

    Prompt Lead Times

    Usually, the duration from the first contact to the completion of installation is one month or less.

    Case Study: Solar Panel Install in Halifax

    As a family business, Solar PV is not just a job for us - it’s our passion. The utmost care and attention to our installations today ensure we’ll still be here - engineering the future - tomorrow.

    Here you can see an example of a solar panel installation that we carried out in Halifax

    Installation comprises of:

    11 * Jinko 420 N-Type Panels generating 3900kWhs per year

    FoxESS 3.6kW Inverter

    FoxESS HV2600 Batteries * 2

    Clenergy Mounting System

    With current lead times of under one month and no payment until the installation is completed to your satisfaction, choose PV people today as your preferred installation partner!

    Solar Panel Install location: Halifax, West Yorkshire

    What are the benefits of buying Halifax Solar Panels for your Home?

    Manufacturers You Can Trust

    We supply products that are backed by their dependability and continued customer service.

    Flexible Battery Storage

    Our battery systems are versatile and can be effortlessly expanded.

    Fast Lead Times

    Typically, systems can be operational in a day, and the whole procedure is finished in under four weeks.

    Easy Online Monitoring

    Our photovoltaic systems come with integrated online monitoring.

    Incomparable Support

    Our Halifax solar installers are highly skilled and certified professionals.

    Emergency Power Variations

    We offer a variety of setups for Emergency Power Supplies.

    Step 1: A complimentary remote survey can be conducted with our advanced modelling software.

    Our Halifax solar installers employ advanced modelling software to conduct remote desktop surveys to determine how many panels can be installed. These investigations involve referencing Google Earth imagery, and producing a performance breakdown with an estimated return on investment and payback period. To assist in this process, we will request additional information.

    The complete location of your premises.

    A summary of your yearly energy consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

    The present rate you're paying for each kilowatt-hour (usually approximated to be £0.30).

    The type of electrical supply you have - single phase or three phase.

    A knowledgeable solar PV advisor is here to assess your needs and craft a custom system. We’ll ensure you get all the features you require and give you several choices that meet your budget.

    Following our conversation, we can develop a description of the cost and advantages of a solar PV system for your home. This document will include data on the capacity of the system, expenses, return on investment, percentage of bill reduction, and payment schedule so that you can make an educated choice about having a professional site survey done.

    If you would like to view an example survey, it is available here: Remote Survey Example

    Step 2. Comprehensive site and 3D drone survey

    If you're happy with our prices and want to go forward with a visit to the site, there is an charge of £495. This covers the measurements taken, drone survey & 3D model creation, submitting the DNO application (if necessary), electrical assessments and all the MCS calculations for the property.

    A site-survey typically takes an hour and involves discussion of the project, timelines, scaffolding placement, danger warnings, electricity and instrumentation adjustments, and cable routing.

    Once we've completed the survey, we build a 3D model with our bankable grade modelling software to demonstrate the installation in our final presentation. This should give you a concrete vision of how the result will look.

    If our original system is not successful, you can choose not to seek an alternative and receive a refund of £495. Doing this means that your order will be cancelled.

    We use drone surveys to create accurate 3D models, with a precision of up to one centimetre.

    We conduct thorough financial and intergenerational evaluation employing advanced modelling software that meets the expectations of banks.

    A Bill of Materials is created, comprising solar components such as panels, inverters and mounting accessories.

    If you'd like to view a 3D-survey report sample, take a look at this: 3D Site-Survey Example.

    Step 3. Installation

    After the site assessment is completed, our Halifax solar installation team is ready to get started!

    Our proficient and certified engineers handle all installation tasks.

    Most of our system installations are accomplished within a single day.

    Typically, it will only take a few minutes to make the final connections and then your electricity supply should be restored.

    After the system has been commissioned and passed electrical tests, we will explain and demonstrate it in full.

    The balance is to be paid on the day of installation when you're satisfied with our work. We have already taken off the £495 survey fee.

    Once the project is complete, you will receive a handover packet that includes emergency shut down instructions, your final bill and proof of ownership.

    Halifax Solar Panel Installers FAQ

    The capabilities of Solar PV are frequently underestimated, yet just 12 solar panels generate more energy than a UK household would normally need in one year. As energy bills keep escalating and photovoltaic technologies become a suitable option to invest, homeowners now have the perfect opportunity to transfer to renewable, clean energy sources.

    If you need assistance with your PV setup, why not speak to our expert Halifax installers? Simply give us a ring now to find out more.

    Are you in Halifax and looking for a solar panel installation? Check out our Solar PV offerings now!

    At PV People, we make it simple to have Solar Panels fitted to your Halifax home. Our Halifax solar installers are highly skilled and experienced. We promise reliable, long lasting products that come with our guarantee of satisfaction.

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