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    Doncaster Solar Panel Installers

    At PV People, we offer an easy way to get Solar Panels installed in Doncaster on your property.

    Our solar installers based in Doncaster provide a 10-year workmanship warranty on any job, big or small - from a swift solar inverter replacement to the full installation of a GivEnergy battery storage system. We guarantee that you'll be getting only top quality products and unsurpassed advice and service.

    No Initial Payments

    We don't require an upfront deposit for any services we provide.

    Billing Post-Completion

    We will only invoice you once you are thoroughly pleased with the setup.

    Brief Timeframes

    Usually, from the first contact to the concluding installation, we complete the process within a month or less.

    Case Study: Solar Panel Install in Doncaster

    As a family business, Solar PV is not just a job for us - it’s our passion. The utmost care and attention to our installations today ensure we’ll still be here - engineering the future - tomorrow.

    Here you can see an example of a solar panel installation that we carried out in Hull

    Installation comprises of:

    11 * Jinko 420 N-Type Panels generating 3900kWhs per year

    FoxESS 3.6kW Inverter

    FoxESS HV2600 Batteries * 2

    Clenergy Mounting System

    With current lead times of under one month and no payment until the installation is completed to your satisfaction, choose PV people today as your preferred installation partner!

    Solar Panel Install location: Doncaster, South Yorkshire

    Why you should get solar panels for your Doncaster home!

    Reliable Manufacturers

    We exclusively offer products with proven reliability and comprehensive post-sale support.

    Expandable Battery Storage

    Our battery systems are modifiable and can be effortlessly scaled up as needed.

    Swift Turnarounds

    Most systems can be set up in a single day, and the entire lead process typically takes less than a month.

    Easy Online Monitoring

    Our PV systems come standard with online monitoring capabilities.

    Unmatched Assistance

    Our Doncaster solar installers are all seasoned professionals with relevant certifications.

    Emergency Power Varieties

    A wide array of Emergency Power Supply configurations are available.

    Step 1: This includes a complimentary remote survey with advanced modelling software.

    Our Doncaster solar installers use leading modelling software to conduct a remote desktop survey. This survey helps us decide how many solar panels we can install, and in turn, our results give an estimated return on investment, payback period, and other details. Additionally, we use Google Earth imagery for these assessments and we may request other information from the customer as well:

    Your complete site address.

    A summary of your yearly electricity usage in kWh.

    The prevailing cost per kWh that you are incurring (typically around £0.30).

    Whether you possess a three-phase or single-phase electrical supply.

    Our expert solar PV advisor can help tailor a system to suit your requirements. We can discuss the features you require and offer several choices based on your budget.

    Once we have had our discussion, we can develop a report which outlines the system cost and details how solar PV systems can benefit your residence. This report will include important data such as the system's size, cost, return on investment (ROI), decrease in utility bills in percentage and payment plan so that you are able to make an educated choice regarding getting a formal site survey carried out.

    To get an idea of what a survey looks like, take a look here: Remote Survey Example

    Step 2. Formal site survey and 3D Drone Survey to collect vital data.

    If you're happy with our fees, and wish to proceed with an on-site survey, there is a nominal charge of £495 which will cover all of the formal measurements, drone survey & 3D model, DNO (Distribution Network Operator) application submission (if needed), electrical assessments and all MCS calculations relating to that property.

    A site-survey typically takes an hour and involves conversation about the project, timings, scaffolding placement, hazard identification, electricity and equipment set-up and cable routing.

    After the survey, our bankable grade modelling software will allow us to create a 3D model that will show you what the finished product will look like. This presentation will provide you with a clear visualisation of our final results.

    If our original system fails to meet your expectation, you may choose to receive a refund of £495 and cancel the order.

    Our drone survey produces a 3D model that is accurate to within a centimetre.

    We carry out an extensive financial and generational evaluation with the aid of advanced modelling software that is compliant with banking regulations.

    A Bill of Materials is compiled that contains all solar elements including panels, inverters and mounting gear.

    If you would like to view an example of a 3D survey report, it is accessible here: 3D Site-Survey Example.

    Step 3. Installation

    Once the on-site survey is complete, our Doncaster-based solar installers can get to work!

    Our engineers, who are both experienced and competent, take care of every installation.

    Most of our systems are set up within 24 hours.

    With permissions, power will be turned off for a few minutes while final connections are made.

    Once the commissioning and electrical testing are completed, we will provide an in-depth description and showcase to illustrate its function.

    The balance is payable on the day of installation and we have already taken off the survey fee of £495. The work will be finished to your satisfaction.

    Once the project is finished, you will be given a handover packet that will include the emergency shut down instructions, the final invoice, and evidence of ownership.

    Doncaster Solar Panel Installers FAQ

    The potential of Solar PV is often underestimated. With just twelve solar panels, you can generate more electricity than the average UK household usually consumes in a year. As energy prices continue to rise and the photovoltaic technology advances to a point where investing is suitable, now is an ideal time for transitioning to renewable, clean energy sources.

    If you have any further questions concerning PV installations, please don't hesitate to contact our specialist solar installers in Doncaster for the answers you seek – call us now!

    Doncaster locals in search of a solar panel installation can take a look at our Solar PV options today!

    PV People make it simple to incorporate Solar Panels onto your Doncaster residence. All of our highly skilled professionals and solar installers from the area are immensely experienced; we exclusively provide dependable items with trustworthy guarantees.

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