MyEnergi Libbi Installers

Intelligent home battery storage from MyEnergi!


    MyEnergi Libbi Installers

    MyEnergi Libbi Installers - Intelligently connected, easy to operate!

    Installing the MyEnergi Libbi allos you to store your electricity to use it when you need it most. It allows you to capture as much surplus solar electricity as possible, whilst integrating with your existing MyEnergi devices.

    MyEnergi Libbi Control


    Your surplus self generated electricity, decreasing your dependency on the electricity grid.

    MyEnergi Libbi Optimise


    The best time to capture grid electricity at its cheapest, based around your time of use tariff.

    MyEnergi Libbi Integrate


    With your MyEnergi devices, prioritising stored electricity to power your home, Eddi or Zappi.


    5.2kWp N-Type Solar Panels
    + 3.6kW MyEnergi Hybrid Inverter
    + 10kWh MyEnergi Libbi Battery Storage
    + MyEnergi Zappi & MyEnergi Eddi
    from £13,995 fully installed

    As MyEnergi Libbi installers we can tailor your quotation to suit any property and budget.

    5.2kWp (12) N-Type next generation all black solar panels

    25 year panel warranty with 30 year performance warranty

    3.6kW MyEnergi Libbi Hybrid Inverter with 3kW Charge / Discharge rate

    10kWh MyEnergi Libbi battery with 90% Depth of Discharge

    Scalable in banks of 5kWh

    Optional 4kW EPS output with multiple configuration options

    Can be used with off-peak tariffs

    Includes Zappi Car Charger and Eddi Immersion Diverter

    Fully installed with single sided two-storey scaffold, mounting, installation, and certification all included

    With current lead times of under one month choose PV people today as your preferred installation partner!

    MyEnergi Libbi Installers FAQ

    As MyEnergi Libbi installers we're well placed to advise you on the best system to meet your needs. Read our FAQ on some commonly asked questions below.

    Have more questions? Request a call back from one of our our highly trained advisors today!

    MyEnergi Libbi Installers

    Contact us today to receive a tailored quotation to install your MyEnergi Libbi system with a low pressure, no obligation sales approach.

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