GivEnergy 9.5 Battery

The GivEnergy 9.5kWh battery pack is their bestselling battery
pack and offers a very competitive cost/kWh.


    GivEnergy AC Inverter
    +9.5kWh GivEnergy Battery

    from £4495

    Fully integrated with Intelligent Octopus and smart tariffs.

    3kW GivEnergy AC Inverter with 12-year warranty.

    9.5kWh GivEnergy Battery with 12-year, unlimited cycle, product warranty.

    12 All Black Solar Panels
    + 9.5kWh GivEnergy Battery

    from £8995

    Typically reduces a medium sized homes electric bill by 90%.

    Fully Integrated with smart tariffs.

    12*435W (5.2kWp) Next Generation Jinko N-Type All Black Solar Panels with 25-year product warranty.

    3.6kW GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter with 12 year warranty.

    9.5kWh GivEnergy Battery with 12-year unlimited cycle product warranty.

    GivEnergy 9.5 Battery

    The GivEnergy 9.5 Battery

    The GivEnergy 9.5 Battery represents the next step in GivEnergy's product range, and it's bigger and better than ever. With a capacity of 9.5kWh and an unlimited cycle 10 year warranty, it marks the next step in the ever-popular range.

    New features include an in-built DC MCB and push fit power connectors - reducing time and complexity of installation.

    Off-Peak Tariff Compatible

    Charge the battery off peak where its cleaner, greener and less costly then discharge the battery during peak times for maximum saving.

    10 Year Warranty

    Supplied with a full manufacturers warranty. The GivEnergy UK team are on hand to help you should any issues arise.

    Retrofit Compatible

    Add the battery to an existing Solar PV System without affecting the Government Incentive.

    IP65 Rating

    The IP65 rated enclosure gives protection against water and dust. Ideal for lofts and outdoor installation.

    Remote Firmware

    Control and monitor your Smart System on the move via the GivEnergy Monitoring App and Portal.

    Emergency Power Output

    Multiple Emergency Power Supply options can be configured.

    GivEnergy 9.5 Battery Side

    GivEnergy 9.5 Battery

    Ideal for medium to large properties, the GivEnergy 9.5 battery pack is very popular amongst those customers that are striving for energy independence. Many customers opt to have 2 of these installed to ensure as little energy is purchased from the grid as possible.

    Utilising lithium iron phosphate, our batteries are extremely safe and can be installed in a wide range of locations. The battery chemistry does not contain any Cobalt, making it non-flammable and the battery pack is 99% recyclable. Our market leading battery warranty means you can use your battery as often as you need for 10 years and still be covered.

    See the GivEnergy 9.5kWh battery datasheet here.

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