Fronius Installers

At PV People, we recommend Fronius for premium solar PV systems. These installations let you harness the sun’s energy, reduce energy costs, and support reductions in CO2 emissions. Look no further than PV People for Fronius Installation.

All of our pricing includes installation, certification, and VAT (where applicable). We do not take deposits and no salesperson will ever visit your home. Enquire today to receive your free no obligation remote quotation from one of our highly trained technical advisors.


    Fronius Installers

    Why Fronius PV Installation?

    Put simply, we believe Fronius is the pinnacle of solar PV technology. The company uses precision Austrian engineering to create remarkable inverters that efficiently generate energy while operating for over twenty-five years. Fronius is an industry leader in the space, giving you the energy your home or business needs to thrive.

    Optimal Performance, Even In Cloudy Weather

    Fronius inverters offer optimal performance, even when the sky clouds over. Therefore, Fronius is an ideal brand for homes and businesses in Britain, where over 70 per cent of days are overcast. Units can generate ample energy year-round, even in winter.

    The Latest Innovations

    Fronius Inverters also offers the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology. The brand is known for incorporating various high-tech features into its panels, including integrated monitoring.

    It also offers advanced photovoltaics and storage solutions. Systems are suitable for use with electric vehicles and heating water (as an alternative to conventional gas).

    Incredible Reliability

    Fronius’s inverters come with an unbeatable warranty, which you can extend for up to 20 years with a simple product registration online. That’s because the company builds products to last. It wants homeowners and businesses to generate on-site electricity for years – as do we.

    Systems’ durability comes from quality manufacturing methods. Fronius invests considerably in its plant and technology to improve solar PV construction and create the best panels for peace of mind.
    Rigorous Testing

    Every batch of inverters Fronius produces undergoes extensive and rigorous testing. The brand pays special attention to the inverter – a component prone to failure – ensuring that it can withstand the test of time and thrive over the product’s intended lifespan.

    PV People: Why Homeowners And Businesses Choose Us As Fronius Installers

    Quality solar panel installations aren’t just about the hardware – the people who install them matter, too. Make the wrong choice, and you could end up with disappointing results!

    That’s where PV People shines. Our team helps homeowners and businesses make the most of Fronius technology, offering superior results that stand the test of time.

    Fronius-Approved Installers

    PV People are official Fronius installers, giving you peace of mind. Operatives have training and certification from Fronius, guaranteeing they have the required skills for effective installations.

    Our goal is to perfect the Fronius solar PV installation process. We want you to enjoy flawless operation for the life of your system, regardless of where you choose to install it.

    Trusted Providers

    As approved Fronius installers, PV People is also a trusted provider of solar PV in the UK. We offer transparent pricing and regular communication, ensuring you stay in the loop during installations.

    When you work with us, our dedication to you shines through. We build lasting relationships with clients, so you can call on us whenever you require, whether to add to your existing solar installations or make repairs under warranty.

    Solar Panel Veterans

    People PV has over ten years of industry experience installing solar panels, including Fronius inverters. That means we have extensive knowledge of it as a supplier and can offer in-depth advice to ensure you get your solar PV system up and running as swiftly as possible.

    Dedicated To Sustainability

    Sustainability matters to our customers and our brand. Our team is passionate about ensuring that as many people as possible can access the remarkable benefits of solar energy throughout the year.

    Our love for eco-friendly installations comes from our belief that future generations should be able to enjoy nature as much as present ones do. Solar PV installation is critical to ensuring that living standards remain high today and for decades. It’s part of our mission.

    What Happens When You Choose PV People?

    Coming to PV People for your Fronius installation gives you benefits you won’t find elsewhere. Here’s what to expect:

    Access To Fronius Benefits

    You can access all of Fronius’s benefits when you come to us. As an approved and certified installer, you can take advantage of the brand’s generous warranty and get all the technical support you need for the life of your installation.

    Post-Installation Care And Maintenance

    PV People won’t leave you in the lurch. Instead, we offer extensive maintenance and care services to ensure your system remains in optimal condition. Our team can help you attain long-term peak efficiency so you can run your appliances, heat water, and even charge your electric vehicle with the power of solar energy.

    Dedicated Project Management

    You don’t need to worry about project management when you come to PV People. Our team takes care of the process for you.

    When you come to us, you will receive a dedicated manager to manage the project on your behalf. Services begin with an in-depth consultation to discover your requirements. Then, we proceed to system activation and installation. It’s all done by us.

    Harness The Sun’s Power And Get A Fronius Installation From PV People

    A Fronius system installation is more than a sustainable choice – it’s also an investment in your future. Installing one contributes to reduced CO2, a greener planet, and long-term energy security for your family or business.

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