Fogstar Energy Rack Battery Installers

Built for the UK climate, pre-loaded protocols for most popular inverters, and superior design and cell sourcing by FogStar - FogStar Energy Rack Batteries represent an excellent choice for your Solar PV System.


    Fogstar Energy Rack Battery Installers

    UK-Designed Fogstar Energy Rack Batteries

    At just £263 per kWh, UK-designed Fogstar Energy SR51.2V Server Rack Battery comes complete with heating, several pre-loaded inverter protocols, TFT LCD touch screen, 16 Grade A EVE Cells, a DC Rated Breaker and an 8 year warranty.

    UK Designed And Sourced

    Fogstar is the UK’s leading lithium battery retailer, providing high-quality, affordable lithium batteries.

    TFT LCD touch screen

    Full colour touchscreen provides accurate and detailed information into the system status.

    16 Grade A EVE cells

    FogStar only source the best Grade A EVE Cells and verify their source directly.

    Gold Standard PACE BMS

    Multi-inverter protocol, ease of integration, fantastic reliability.

    Built for the UK Climate

    FogStar batteries heat themselves when a temperature of <5°C is detected.

    Integral DC Rated Breaker

    The DC Breaker interrupts the power flow, shutting off the electrical current if a critical issue is detected.

    FogStar Energy Rack Battery

    FogStar Energy Rack Battery 48V (5.12kWh)

    See the Technical Specification for the FogStar Energy Rack Battery below:

    Model: ESR51.2V 5.12KWH

    EVE Cell Model: LF100LA

    Cell Assembly: 16S1P

    Cycle Life: 4000 Cycles at 1C to 80%

    Depth of Discharge: 100%

    BMS: PACE 100A BMS

    Maximum Discharge: 100A

    Capacity: 100ah

    Weight: 45.2kg

    Rack Unit Size: 3.5U

    Size: 155mm x 450mm x 440mm

    Pre-loaded Inverter Protocols: Victron, Sofar, Pylontech, Growatt, Solis, Goodwe

    With current lead times of under one month choose PV people today as your preferred installation partner for your FogStar Energy Rack Battery!

    FogStar Energy Rack Battery FAQ

    FogStar are so confident about the design, build and components that have gone into making their Fogstar Energy Rack Battery that they all come with an 8 year warranty. As with all Fogstar products, you can expect a superior design quality with a lifecycle of around 10-15 years.

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    FogStar Energy Rack Batteries represent one of the best offerings on the UK market for Lithium-ion batteries. Enquire today to receive a tailored quotation for your system with a low pressure, no obligation sales approach.

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