Commercial Solar Panels Yorkshire

Commercial solar panels in Yorkshire can offer a considerable return on investment, with a relatively short payback period. Our Yorkshire based installers possess the expertise and proficiency to ensure that investing in solar PV for your business right now can be highly lucrative.


    Yorkshire Commercial Solar Panels

    At PV People, we work hard so that businesses in Yorkshire have a stress-free experience when installing solar panels.

    Installing solar panels for your Yorkshire business is a worthwhile investment due to the high Return on Investment, financial savings and environmental benefits.

    Our commercial systems offer a 10-year warranty for system workmanship (for systems under 50kWp) plus 10-year and 25-year warranties for the inverters and panels respectively - giving you peace of mind that there will be no extra cost for repairs or maintenance.

    Step 1: We offer a complimentary remote photovoltaic assessment in Yorkshire with the help of our sophisticated modelling technology.

    Yorkshire's solar installers are well-equipped thanks to advanced modelling software that allows them to conduct a remote desktop survey. Utilising Google Earth imagery, they can figure out the number of commercial panels that can be installed. This not only produces a performance breakdown for the project, but also provides our team with helpful information from you relating to the job:

    Complete location details for the premises.

    Annual usage of electricity in kilowatt-hours.

    We would appreciate it if you could share half-hourly data, if accessible from your energy supplier.

    Present cost per kilowatt-hour, typically near £0.30.

    Your enterprise's standard working hours.

    Please confirm if your electricity supply is single or three phase.

    Is your utility spread across various locations/meters, or is it just one?

    If you require any backing acquiring the data, please do not be shy to call us. We are more than willing to offer support and our Yorkshire solar installers are always available.

    Once given the details, we can produce a report that covers the cost of solar PV, the advantages to your company and the system size's ROI, savings on bills and amortisation period. This will allow you to make a well-informed decision regarding having a formal site survey.

    A viewable, remote-survey report is available for review: Remote Survey Example

    Step 2. A formal site-survey, an electrical assessment, and a 3D drone survey have all been carried out.

    Having made the decision to have an on-site evaluation and quote, a small fee will be applicable, commensurate with the size of your system. This typically requires two hours of our time together, during which we'll address items such as likely timescales, operational questions, access scaffolding requirements, any safety matters unique to your setting, electrical connections and cable placements.

    Once the survey is taken, our predicted pricing from Step 1 can be finalised. Subsequently, our dependable grade modelling software can render a completed project version.

    A precise 3D model will be created based on our drone survey, with an accuracy of 1 cm.

    We complete a comprehensive financial and inter-generational assessment with bank-level modeling software.

    A Bill of Materials containing parts for solar energy, such as panels, inverters and mounting, is constructed.

    We'll determine the specialised tools you'll need for your project, like tele-handlers and cable jacks.

    We'll create a formal timeline for your solar panel system.

    If you'd like to get an idea of what a 3D-survey report looks like, you can take a look at this example: 3D Site-Survey Example

    Step 3. Price for project agreed on & finalisation

    Once the system price has been accepted, to begin your commercial solar installation in Yorkshire, we require an initial payment of 10% of the contract value. After that, we will look to take the project through each step required for successful completion.

    The grid must be verified through the submission of a DNO application.

    We will create Electrical Schematics.

    A list of the necessary electrical parts to connect this system to existing infrastructure will be generated.

    A site analysis will be conducted to assess any risks associated with the area.

    We then allocate stock to be kept in reserve.

    Once this stage is done, it ought to take about a month for our Yorkshire solar installers to get started with the job.

    4. Next is the Installation & the handover

    1. The preparation process

    Assemble the scaffolding.

    GivEnergy battery storage units, inverters, electrical sets, and mountain gear will all be delivered.

    We organise all of the necessary specialist equipment that will be needed.

    Upon reception of the goods, we kindly ask for a 40% additional payment.

    2. The installation process

    Our experienced engineers know what is already going on at the location and will complete the work accordingly.

    In order to finish the solar connections, an electrical shut-down lasting a couple of hours is usually required. To ensure that operations remain uninterrupted, this should be scheduled during off-peak periods.

    In Yorkshire, our solar installers can usually have a system up and running within a week.

    3. The handover

    Upon commissioning of the PV solar system and its electrical tests being completed, key personnel will be provided with an explanation and demonstration of its operation.

    The handover pack will include the emergency shutdown procedure, the last bill and evidence of possession.

    We'll then request the remaining balance of 50% to be paid.

    Don't hesitate! PV People offer the perfect solution for your Yorkshire installation requirements. Quick lead times of less than a month, plus you only settle once you're fully content – it's the ideal situation.

    What are the benefits of investing in solar panels for your business in Yorkshire?

    Incredible value

    Installing solar panels manufactured in Yorkshire can provide your business with free, eco-friendly electricity during daylight hours. This can help to cut down on demand for energy from the grid and lead to possible savings of thousands of pounds in your energy bills.

    Financial security

    It is estimated that energy prices will rise considerably in the upcoming ten years, making solar panels a great way to secure an affordable cost for your electricity. This enables you to plan your finances accordingly and budget with precision.

    Lowered risks

    Commercial Solar PV is an effective solution for investors seeking greater returns than would be obtained from more conventional, lower-risk investments.

    Reduced CO2 emissions

    By implementing solar energy, you will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also advance sustainable operations and bolster your company's reputation.

    Reduce your CO2 and costs today!

    Going solar with commercial panels reduces your Carbon Footprint and saves you money on energy bills.

    Reducing your dependence on fossil fuels and managing energy cost volatility can guarantee a considerable return on investment.

    It's typical for an amortisation period to be under 5 years, which is unsurprising since most investments in this area are paid off in that length of time.

    Having financial stability and energy adaptability is important for a well-functioning economy.

    It is highly beneficial for a business to prioritise Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Doing so boosts public opinion of the company, and leverages their standing within their industry.

    You'll make a significant cut in your carbon output.

    Get in touch right now to receive a tailored estimate, 3D illustration and thorough analysis of the financial advantages and payback time for your Yorkshire solar installation.

    Begin reducing your business costs now!

    We are able to provide you with a personalised quote for your business solar panel installation, and our sales team will gladly answer any queries with no obligation. Should you give the okay, our Yorkshire solar installers will begin the systematic process of getting your PV system in motion!

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