Commercial Solar Panels York

Commercial solar panels in York can provide a great return on investment and payback period is relatively short. Our experienced and proficient York based solar installers make investing in solar PV today a very profitable decision for your business.


    Commercial Solar Panels York

    At PV People, we're here to make the process of adding commercial solar panels to York businesses as simple and straightforward as can be.

    Installing solar panels for your York business boasts an impressive return on investment, cost savings and environmental benefits. It is truly a worthwhile investment.

    We provide a warranty of 10 years for our systems under 50kWp, and inverters of 10 years, while ensuring your panels have coverage up to 25 years. You can be sure that you will not be required to pay any money towards repairs or maintenance.

    Step 1: Our advanced modelling software is used to conduct a free remote photovoltaic (PV) survey in York.

    Our solar installers in York will utilise advanced modelling software, along with Google Earth imagery, to conduct a remote desktop survey. This survey will provide a performance breakdown of the project and allow us to obtain important information from you regarding the job:

    A full address of your site.

    An annual electrical consumption (kWh).

    If your provider offers half-hourly data, please include this in your submission.

    Your current kWh usage pricing, which is typically priced at around £0.30.

    What hours your business is in operation.

    Whether you have a three phase or a single phase supply.

    How many sites and / or meters do you have?

    If you are in need of assistance gathering the data, do not hesitate to reach out. Our York solar installers are ready to provide assistance.

    Given the details, we can compose a report that covers all you need to know about the solar PV system, including size, cost, return on investment, bill savings, and amortisation period. With this information at hand, you'll be able to make an informed decision as to whether getting a formal site survey is best for your company.

    To view a remote-survey report example click here: Remote Survey Example

    Step 2. Approved site-survey completed, including an electrical assessment plus drone survey

    Once you decide to have an on-site evaluation and quote, a nominal fee will be applicable, depending on the system size. During this two-hour survey, we'll address details including estimated time frames, operational factors, scaffolding arrangements, exclusive safety issues specific to your location, electrical connections and cable placements. It's recommended that both your operational and electrical representatives be present.

    Once the survey is complete, we can confirm our estimated pricing from Step 1. We then utilise our reliable grade modelling software to display the final project version.

    Once the survey is complete, we can confirm the estimated pricing that we outlined in Step 1. From there, our reliable grade modelling software will be used to demonstrate the final project version.

    A 3D model based on our drone survey will be generated, with an accuracy of 1 cm.

    Our team provides an extensive financial and generational review with the help of bank-grade modelling software.

    A Bill of Materials is created for all necessary solar components, which includes the panels, inverters, and their mounting.

    We will determine the specialist gear needed for your special project, like tele-handlers and cable jacks.

    A timeline for your solar panel system will be produced, in order to set out the project in detail.

    We also have 3D-survey reports available to view should you wish to take a closer look: 3D Site-Survey Example

    Step 3. York Solar price agreement & finalisation

    Once you have given the go ahead for the system cost, in order to move ahead on your York commercial solar installation, we will require an initial instalment of 10% of the contractual sum. Subsequently, we will look to complete the following stages of the project:

    The grid requires confirmation via a DNO application submission.

    After that we will need to draft an Electrical Schematic.

    A bill of materials for the necessary electrical connections to the existing infrastructure will be generated.

    A site assessment will then be done in order to identify any potential hazards.

    Next, we arrange stock to be put on reserve.

    Once this is done, our York solar installers should be able to start work on the project in a month's time.

    4. The installation & The handover

    1. Getting Prepared

    We assemble the necessary scaffolding.

    All our necessary products such as inverters, GivEnergy battery storage systems, solar electrical kids and mounting hardware will be delivered.

    We arrange for any specialist equipment needed for the job.

    Once the products are in hand, we kindly ask for an additional 40% of the cost.

    2. We start installing

    Our knowledgeable York solar engineers are familiar with the activities already carried out on the premises, and will perform their work accordingly.

    To effectively connect to the solar energy, a site electrical shut-down of several hours is generally required. To minimise disruption, this can be scheduled during off-peak times or when operations are running at minimal levels.

    In most cases, our York solar installers can have a system running in under a week.

    3. A handover is completed

    Once the PV solar system is commissioned and all its electrical tests have been conducted, personnel on-site will receive a comprehensive explanation and demonstration of its functions.

    The handover pack will include the emergency shutdown process, the last invoice and documentation of ownership.

    Following this we will request the final 50% of the balance payment.

    Don't put it off any longer! PV People are the perfect installation team for your York project. You'll have it completed in under a month, and won't need to make a payment until you're completely happy. What more could you ask for?

    Why Solar Panels are a great choice for your York business?

    Brilliant investment

    No matter the brand, York solar panels can provide your company with a free, renewable source of energy throughout the day. This could lessen the need for electricity from the grid which may result in thousands of pounds of savings on your energy costs.

    Financial hardiness

    It is estimated that energy prices will increase significantly in the coming years, so having solar panels installed in York is an ideal way to secure a fixed rate for your electricity. This guarantees you can plan your finances with confidence and budget effectively.

    Few risks

    Commercial Solar PV is an efficient and viable choice for investors desiring higher returns than those provided by more traditional, low-risk investments.

    Improved CO2 emissions

    Generating solar energy will reduce your carbon footprint, advance sustainable facilities, and boost your company's reputation.

    Begin slashing Your expenses And Carbon.

    By installing solar panels for your business, you can reduce your Carbon Footprint and save considerable amounts on energy bills.

    By reducing your use of fossil fuels and protecting your organisation from energy cost volatility, you can be sure to receive a worthwhile return on investment.

    A typical amortisation period of under 5 years is commonplace, as most investments are typically settled in that timeframe.

    Having financial stability and flexibility of energy supply is essential for an established economy.

    Corporate Social Responsibility is a great way to boost your company's public standing.

    This will greatly reduce your impact on the environment.

    Call us today to get your customised quote, 3D layout, and comprehensive assessment of the advantages and amortisation timeline for the solar panels you want in York.

    Start cutting your business expenditure today!

    We offer tailored quotations for your business solar panel system and our sales team would be delighted to address any queries you may have without feeling pressured. If approved by you, our York solar installers will then commence the process to get your PV system operational!

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