Commercial Solar Panels Sheffield

Sheffield business owners can reap the rewards with commercial solar panels, as our experienced installers ensure a rapid return on investment. Investing in solar PV guarantees a consistent profit for your company.


    Commercial Solar Panels Sheffield

    We have the experience and expertise to ensure that each PV project is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, leaving you, the customer, completely satisfied with the end result.

    Investing in solar panels for your Sheffield business brings a great return on investment, cost effectiveness and environmental gains. It is clearly beneficial.

    We provide a 10 year warranty on our systems under 50kWp and inverters, as well as up to 25 years of coverage on panels, giving you complete peace of mind regarding repairs or maintenance costs.

    Step 1: We provide a free remote photovoltaic (PV) survey in Sheffield, conducted with the aid of our advanced modelling software.

    Our solar installers in Sheffield will utilise cutting-edge modelling software alongside Google Earth images to conduct a remote desktop survey. This assessment will give an analysis of the project and enable us to obtain crucial information from you regarding the undertaking.

    The complete location details for your premises.

    Yearly usage of electricity in kilowatt-hours.

    Please incorporate half-hourly data in your report if your service provider supplies it.

    Present cost per kilowatt-hour, which usually revolves around £0.30.

    The operational hours for your enterprise.

    Do you have a three-phase or single-phase electricity supply?

    The number of premises and/or electricity meters you possess.

    If you are looking for help when it comes to data collection, our Sheffield solar installers are here to help. Don't delay in getting the assistance you need!

    We can create a thorough report on your solar PV system with all the information you need on size, cost, ROI, bill savings and amortisation period. This should aid you to decide whether having a site survey is beneficial for your business.

    It’s possible to check out a remote-survey report with this link here: Remote Survey Example

    Step 2. A site-survey has been authorised, featuring an electrical assessment and footage captured by a drone.

    Once you choose to have a on-site evaluation and quote, a small fee may be applicable considering the system size. During this short survey, we'll analyse details such as projected time frames, operational elements, scaffolding plans, safety measures exclusive to your site, electrical hooks-up and cable placements. We strongly advise that both your operational and electrical contacts attend.

    Once the survey is finished, we can confirm our projected pricing from Step 1. Utilising reliable grade modelling software, we can showcase the final project version.

    A 3D model produced from our drone survey will have an accuracy of 1 cm.

    Our team employs bank-grade modelling software to perform an exhaustive financial and generational review.

    A Bill of Materials is created for all the components needed for solar power, like panels, inverters and brackets.

    We will identify the specific equipment required for your project, such as telehandlers and cable jacks.

    A timeline will be created to provide a comprehensive outline of your solar panel system.

    For those interested in analyzing the site further, we provide 3D-survey reports available to review; here's an example: 3D Site-Survey Example.

    Step 3. Sheffield Solar price agreement & finalisation

    Once you approve the system cost, we will require an initial payment of 10% of the total amount to start your commercial solar installation in Sheffield. Afterwards, we'll continue with the following stages of the project.

    The grid needs a DNO application submission to be confirmed.

    Once we are finished, we will need to make a plan of the Electrical Schematic.

    A BOM for the electrical connections required for the existing infrastructure will be formulated.

    Once the inspection is complete, we will analyse the environment to uncover any potential risks.

    Then, we set aside stock to be saved.

    Following completion, our Sheffield solar installers should be ready to begin work on the project in about a month.

    4. Setting Up & Transferring Control


    We put together the essential scaffolding.

    We ensure that all required items like inverters, GivEnergy battery storage systems, solar electrical kits, and installation hardware are dispatched.

    We organise any specialised tools required for the task.

    Upon receiving the items, we respectfully request an additional 40% of the total expense.

    The Installation Begins

    Our proficient Sheffield solar technicians are aware of the tasks already accomplished on-site and will adjust their work to match.

    To efficiently tap into solar power, a multi-hour electrical shutdown on-site is typically required.

    To limit interruption, this can be planned during non-busy hours or periods of low operation. In the majority of instances, our Sheffield solar setup crew can have a system operational within a week.

    Transfer of Ownership is Finalised

    Once the photovoltaic solar system is operational and all its electrical checks have been completed, site staff will be given a thorough explanation and demonstration of its operations.

    The handover package will consist of the emergency shutdown procedure, the final invoice, and proof of ownership documents.

    After this, we will ask for the remaining 50% of the balance due.

    Don't delay anymore! PV People is your ideal team for your Sheffield project. You can expect it to be finished in less than a month, and you won't be asked for payment until you're entirely satisfied. What else could you want?

    What are the benefits of choosing solar panels for your Sheffield business?

    A great investment

    Sheffield solar panels can offer your business a free, endless supply of energy throughout the day. This could ultimately reduce the requirement for electricity from the grid, leading to substantial savings in terms of energy bills.

    Financial sturdiness

    Estimates suggest that energy costs are set to rise in the years to come, making solar panel installation in Sheffield a great way to secure stable electricity prices. This means you can make your financial plans with certainty and manage your budget successfully.

    Little to no risks!

    Investing in commercial Solar PV is a great way to generate higher returns than more conservative investments can provide. It is an efficient and viable option for those seeking greater monetary gains.

    Greatly reduced carbon emissions

    By producing solar energy, you can cut your carbon footprint, help cultivate sustainable facilities, and increase your company's credibility.

    Start cutting your expenditure and reducing your carbon footprint.

    Installing solar panels is a great way for businesses to lower their Carbon Footprint and save money on energy bills.

    By using less energy from fossil fuels and shielding your organisation from cost volatility, you'll be sure to receive a beneficial return on investment.

    Most investments are commonly paid off within five years, making this a frequent amortisation period.

    Having both financial stability and a flexible energy supply is essential for an established economy to function properly.

    Engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility activities is a terrific way to increase your firm's public image.

    By taking this step, you will drastically lessen your effect on the natural world.

    Contact us now for your customised quotation, a 3-D layout as well as an all-embracing appraisal of the potential benefits and repayment period for the photovoltaic cells you require in Sheffield.

    Begin reducing your business expenses now!

    We are pleased to provide a bespoke quotation for your business solar panel system and our sales team will be more than happy to answer any questions you have without feeling pressured. Upon approval, our Sheffield solar installers can start the process of getting your PV system up and running!

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