Commercial Solar Panels Hull

Solar PV in Hull is a smart investment, with our experienced installers making it highly profitable. The payback period is short, and you can expect to see great returns from investing in commercial solar panels now.


    Hull Commercial Solar Panels

    At PV People, we strive to make the process of incorporating commercial solar panels into Hull businesses effortless.

    Installing solar panels for your Hull business offers a valuable return on investment, cost efficiency and environmentally friendly advantages. It is indeed a profitable venture.

    Our systems and inverters under 50kWp guarantee a full 10-year warranty, whilst your panels are covered for up to 25 years meaning no money is required for repairs or maintenance.

    Step 1: Our modelling software is used to do a free, remote solar energy survey in Hull.

    Our Hull-based solar installers will use advanced modelling software and Google Earth imagery to carry out a remote desktop survey. This survey will allow us to examine the project's performance in detail, as well as obtain any pertinent information regarding the job from you.

    Please provide the complete address of your location.

    An annual electricity usage (kWh)

    If your supplier gives half-hourly readings, please include this information in your entry.

    Your current kWh usage is usually priced at approximately £0.30.

    What hours is your business open?

    If you have either a three phase or single phase supply.

    What is the total number of sites and meters you operate?

    If you require help collecting information, don't think twice about getting in touch. Our Hull solar installation experts are available to assist.

    Taking into account all available information, we can devise a report outlining every aspect of the solar PV system, from size and cost to return on investment, bill savings and amortisation period. This should provide you with all that you need to decide whether it's worth investing in a formal site survey.

    To see a remote-survey report example, simply click here: Remote Survey Example

    Step 2. An approved site survey has been completed, including an electric evaluation and a drone inspection.

    Once you make up your mind to receive an on-site evaluation and quote, there will be a nominal fee dependent on the dimension of the system. This two-hour assessment will comprise of estimated time frames, operational elements, scaffoldings needed, safety aspects particular to your place, electrical connections and cable placements. It is preferable that both your functional and electrical personnel be present.

    Once the survey is finished, we can verify our estimated pricing from Step 1. We then make use of our dependable grade modelling software to display the ultimate project version.

    We will create a 3D model from the data obtained through our drone survey, featuring 1 cm accuracy.

    Our team offers an in-depth evaluation of your financial and generational situation with the aid of high-level modelling software.

    A Bill of Materials is created for all essential elements related to the solar installation - panels, inverters and their mounting bracket.

    We will work out the specialised equipment required for your unique project, such as tele-handlers and cable jacks.

    A timeline for your solar panel system will be created to provide a comprehensive overview of the project.

    We offer 3D-survey reports for closer inspection. Take a look at this 3D Site-Survey Example to get an idea of what we have to offer.

    Step 3. Solar price agreement & finalisation Hull

    Once the green light has been given for the system costs, an initial instalment of 10% of the contractual sum will be required to progress your Hull commercial solar installation. Following this, we will move on to executing the remaining steps of the project:

    A DNO application must be submitted to validate the grid.

    Once we have that out of the way, let's make an Electrical Schematic.

    A list of the electrical components necessary for connecting to the current infrastructure will be created.

    Afterwards, an assessment will be conducted to detect any possible risks.

    We then allocate the needed items to be placed on hold.

    Once this is finished, our Hull solar installers should be able to begin work on the project in about a month.

    4. Installation finalised & Handover complete

    1. Preparation

    We put together the necessary scaffolding.

    We offer all the required items, including inverters, GivEnergy battery storage systems, solar electrical kits and mounting hardware, to be delivered.

    We make sure to provide the necessary specialist equipment needed to get the job done.

    Once the products have been received, we request an additional 40% of the total cost.

    2. Installation

    Our Hull solar engineers, with their wealth of knowledge, are aware of the tasks that have already been completed at the location, and they will carry out their work in accordance.

    For maximum efficiency, a site electrical shut-down for a few hours is likely to be necessary. This can be conveniently done during off-peak times or when operations are running at a minimum capacity in order to reduce disruption.

    Most of the time, our Hull solar technicians can get a system up and running in less than a week.

    3. Handover

    After the PV solar system is initiated, personnel on-site will be given a thorough overview and illustration of its features.

    The handover pack will contain the emergency shutdown protocol, the final invoice and proof of ownership.

    After that, the remaining 50% of the balance will be due.

    No more procrastinating! PV People are the ideal installation crew for you to employ for your Hull venture. This undertaking will be wrapped up in less than one month, and you won't need to fork out any money until you're totally content. What could be better?

    Solar panels can be an excellent option for businesses in Hull.

    A great investment

    Regardless of the make, Hull solar panels can supply your organisation with a limitless, renewable source of power day-long. This could reduce or even eradicate the requirement for electricity from the main grid, potentially leading to thousands in energy savings for you.

    Financial reassurance

    It is anticipated that energy rates will skyrocket in the near future, so getting solar panels put into place in Hull is a prudent way to secure a set fee for your power supply. This assurance makes it possible to manage finances carefully and budget with certainty.

    Reduced risks

    Commercial Solar PV is a sensible and advantageous option for those searching for returns that surpass the returns offered by more traditional, low-risk investments.

    Reduced carbon output

    Harnessing solar power will shrink your company's carbon footprint, propel environmentally-friendly practices, and enhance its credibility.

    Start Lowering your CO2 and bills

    Installing solar panels for your business may be beneficial to both the environment and your wallet. Not only will it help reduce the amount of Carbon you emit, but it also has the potential to save you a great deal on energy bills.

    By cutting back on fossil fuel usage and safeguarding your business from energy cost changes, you'll be able to gain a rewarding ROI.

    It's common for investments to be settled within a five year period; this is the typical amortisation period.

    An established economy requires both financial stability and flexibility in their energy supply. These two elements are essential for any thriving nation.

    Improved public perception of your business through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility is an excellent way to enhance your organisation's public image.

    This will significantly decrease your ecological footprint.

    Phone us now to gain an individualised quote, 3D design and thorough examination of the benefits plus cost recovery period for the photovoltaic panels you desire in Hull.

    Begin reducing your business expenses right away!

    We are pleased to provide customised quotations for your commercial solar panel system and our sales team are happy to address any concerns you have without any pressure. If you give the go-ahead, our Hull solar installers will then start the process of getting your PV system up and running!

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