Commercial Solar Panels Huddersfield

Huddersfield commercial solar panels provide a great return with a practical payback for savvy business owners. Our professional installers are based locally, making them the ideal choice now.


    Huddersfield Commercial Solar Panels

    At PV People, our mission is to make putting solar panels into Huddersfield businesses easier. We are devoted to finding a clear-cut answer.

    Installing solar panels at your Huddersfield business can prove to be a shrewd financial move, with significant returns and cost savings. Furthermore, it has an impressive environmental impact. Altogether, this is a worthwhile investment.

    With our systems and inverters providing 10 years of coverage, and panels covered up to 25, you don't have to worry about any repair costs.

    Step 1: Our modelling software can be used to conduct a photovoltaic survey, free of charge, from a remote location in Huddersfield.

    Our certified installers in Huddersfield will use cutting-edge software and Google Earth imagery to complete a remote desktop survey. During the process they will gain access to performance data and acquire relevant details from you in relation to the project:

    The full address of your site.

    We will need an annual electrical consumption report (kWh).

    If you have half-hourly data accessible from your provider, make certain to include it in your submission.

    Your kWh usage (typically priced at around £0.30.)

    What are the operating hours of your business?

    Do you have a single phase or three phase power supply?

    Do you have multiple sites or multiple meters?

    If you need any assistance when retrieving the data, please do not feel reluctant to contact us. Our Huddersfield solar installers are always available to assist.

    We have all the necessary information to help you create an extensive report about your solar PV system, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not a professional site survey is right for your business. This report will include details such as size, cost, return on investment, bill savings and amortisation period.

    To gain insight, you can view a remote-survey example here: Remote Survey Example

    Step 2. The site-survey, including an electrical assessment and a drone survey, has been successfully authorised.

    After deciding to receive an on-site assessment and estimate, you will be charged a fee based on the scope of your system. During a two-hour session, we'll review aspects such as projected timeline, implementation details, scaffolding considerations, safety concerns related to the project site, electric links and wiring design. It is recommended that staff from both operations and electricity are present.

    Once the survey is complete, we can confirm the estimated pricing that we outlined in Step 1. From there, our reliable grade modelling software will be used to demonstrate the final project version.

    A 3D model, with 1 cm accuracy, can be produced using the data collected by our drone.

    Our team utilises bank-grade modelling software to deliver a comprehensive financial and generational analysis.

    A Bill of Materials contains a full inventory of items needed for solar assembly, from panels and inverters to mounting solutions.

    We'll provide a timeline for your solar panel system, so that you can have an overview of the details regarding your project.

    For those who want a more detailed analysis, here is an example of one of our 3D Site-Surveys.

    You can see an example 3D-survey report here: 3D Site-Survey Example

    Step 3. Huddersfield Solar price finalisation and agreement

    Once the go-ahead is given and the system cost is committed for your Huddersfield commercial solar installation, we will need an initial payment of 10% of the agreed amount. Following this, we will continue with the remaining stages of the project:

    The grid needs to have a DNO application submitted in order to be verified.

    Next, we will draw up an Electrical Schematic.

    A list of material requirements for the electrical connections to current infrastructure will be created.

    The site will then be evaluated to detect any potential risks or dangers.

    Following this, we prepare stock for reserve.

    Once achieved, our Huddersfield installers should be able to begin the project within a month.

    4. Our Installations are followed by the Handover

    1. First: preparation

    The appropriate scaffolding is erected securely to ensure safety.

    We are able to provide all the key components, such as inverters, GivEnergy battery storage systems, solar electrical kits and mountings.

    We will make sure all necessary specialist equipment is acquired.

    Once we attain the needed items and they are prepared, we will ask for an extra 40% of the cost.

    2. Next: We start the installation

    The Huddersfield solar engineers have a great deal of expertise and can quickly get up to speed on any work already completed at the site, so they can continue accordingly.

    In order to successfully connect with solar energy, a temporary interruption of electricity is typically required. To reduce any effects, this outage can be scheduled at times when activity is low or processes are operating at minimal levels.

    Typically, our Huddersfield solar installers can get a system operational within days - usually in less than a week.

    3. Third: The handover is finalised

    Upon installation, staff at the location will receive a comprehensive overview of the system's qualities as well as an elucidation of its functionality. Afterwards, electrical tests will be done to certify that the PV solar system is operating correctly.

    The handover package will include details on the emergency shutdown process, the latest invoice and evidence of ownership.

    We will then ask for the remaining half to be paid in full.

    Act now and look to PV People for your installation needs in Huddersfield; they'll be done in less than a month, with no payment required until you're completely satisfied. It's the ideal solution!

    Why should you select solar panels for your enterprise in Huddersfield?

    Investments are reliable

    Huddersfield solar panels can offer you a free and renewable power source throughout the day, regardless of who made them. With this, you may be able to reduce your dependence on grid electricity and enjoy significant savings on energy costs.

    Financially great!

    It is anticipated that energy prices will increase significantly in the near future, which makes the installation of solar panels in Huddersfield a wise way to secure a fixed rate for your electricity. This means you can rest assured and make managing your finances easier.

    No worries

    Investing in Commercial Solar PV can be a lucrative choice, with the potential for far higher returns than those offered by more secure investments.

    Far superior emissions

    Harnessing solar energy will cut your carbon footprint, enable sustainable building structures and enhance the repute of your business.

    Begin cutting your expenses and shrinking your environmental impact.

    Installing solar panels for your business can assist in lessening Carbon Footprint and drastically decrease energy bills.

    By judiciously consuming fossil fuels and shielding your organisation from energy cost fluctuations, you can be sure to receive a profitable return on investment.

    A typical amortisation period is generally less than five years, with most investments typically culminating within that period.

    An economy must be sustained with a dependable influx of funds and energy.

    Corporate Social Responsibility is an effective way to boost your business's visibility.

    By taking this step, you will be reducing your environmental impact.

    Call us today and receive a customised quote, 3D plan, and comprehensive assessment of your Huddersfield solar panel array's returns and recovery time.

    Start cutting back on your business expenses now!

    We will offer a tailored quotation for your business’s solar energy system and our experienced sales team will be available to address any queries you may have. If our offered solution meets your requirements, our Huddersfield solar installers can commence the installation of your PV system without delay!

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