Commercial Solar Panels Halifax

Investing in commercial solar panels in Halifax is a sound financial decision. Our experienced and skilled Halifax based solar installers can ensure a fast return on investment, making it the perfect time to get on board with PV technology for your business.


    Commercial Solar Panels in Halifax

    We are committed to making it simple to add commercial solar panels to your Halifax business.

    Solar panels for Halifax businesses offer outstanding investment potential, with a combination of great returns on investment, financial savings and environmental rewards.

    We're providing you with assurance that your commercial systems won't require any repair or maintenance expenses, for 10 years of workmanship (for systems below 50kWp), a decade of inverter use and 25 years of panel performance.

    Step 1: We are offering a no-cost remote solar PV survey in Halifax using our state-of-the-art modelling software.

    Our Halifax solar installers will utilise advanced modelling software to carry out a remote desktop survey via Google Earth imagery in order to estimate the number of commercial panels we need for the job. This method will provide us with a project performance breakdown as well as important information that we require from you.

    The complete location details of your site.

    Your annual electricity usage - expressed in kWh.

    We request you to share the half-hourly data, if available from your energy provider.

    The present cost per kilowatt-hour you are being charged (generally about £0.30).

    The working hours of your enterprise.

    Whether your power supply is single-phase or three-phase.

    The number of sites or meters you have - single or multiple?

    If you require any help gathering the necessary information, we would be delighted to provide assistance. Our Halifax solar installers are available and willing to help. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

    We'll make a report outlining the details of the solar PV system, such as its size and cost, as well as the estimated return on investment and potential savings from bills. This will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about whether to proceed with a formal site survey.

    You can access a remote-survey report by clicking the link provided: Remote Survey Example

    Step 2. A formal site survey was conducted, along with an electrical assessment and a 3D drone survey to gather additional data.

    Once you decide to get an on-site evaluation and quote, there will be a nominal fee depending on the size of the system. The survey typically takes around two hours, and should include representatives from both operations and electricity. We'll review details such as projected timelines, operational issues, scaffold positioning, specific safety considerations for your location, electric connections, and cable placements.

    Once the survey is complete, we can fix our estimation of the price from Step 1, as it rarely deviates. Furthermore, we can create a final version of the project using reputable grade modelling software.

    Once the survey is finished, we can verify our estimated pricing from Step 1. We then make use of our dependable grade modelling software to display the ultimate project version.

    Our drone survey will generate an accurate 3D model with precision of 1 cm.

    We offer a comprehensive financial and generational assessment by employing bank-grade modelling solutions.

    A list of components for solar projects, comprising solar panels, inverters and mounting hardware, is created.

    We will determine the specialised tools needed for your specific project, like tele-handlers and cable jacks.

    A timeline for your solar panel system will be established.

    Check out our 3D-survey report example here: 3D Site-Survey Example.

    Step 3. Agree on the price for the project and finalise it.

    After you have given the okay for the cost of the system, for us to initiate your commercial solar setup in Halifax, we require that you make an initial payment of 10% of the contract total. We will then progress with further stages of the project.

    A DNO application must be submitted in order to confirm the grid.

    Designs for electrical circuits will be created.

    A bill of materials detailing the electrical components necessary to connect to the existing infrastructure will be compiled.

    An on-site risk assessment will evaluate any potential issues.

    Once that is done, we set aside stock.

    Once this step has been done, the project will be ready for our Halifax solar installers to start. This usually takes around a month.

    4. The Installation and The Handover

    1. Setting Up

    We prepare by putting together the necessary scaffolding.

    We'll deliver all required items, including GivEnergy battery storage systems, inverters, mounting tools, and solar electrical kits.

    We'll ensure all specialised equipment required for the job is at hand.

    Upon receipt of the goods, we kindly ask for a further 40% of the total cost.

    2. Starting the Installation

    Our experienced Halifax solar engineers, well-informed of the existing on-site activities, will carry out their tasks appropriately.

    A few hours of electrical shutdown at the site is typically required for efficient solar connection. To minimise inconvenience, this can be planned during low-activity periods or off-peak times.

    In most scenarios, our Halifax solar technicians can get a system operational in under a week.

    3. Completing the Handover

    When the PV solar system is fully operational and all electrical checks are done, on-site staff will be given a detailed overview and demonstration of the system’s workings.

    The final handover package will include the process for emergency shutdown, the final invoice, and ownership documents.

    Subsequently, we'll request the remaining 50% of the balance due.

    So, what are you waiting for? Choose PV People for your Halifax installation project! With an average lead time of less than a month, and payment only required once you're entirely satisfied - what more could you ask for?

    When considering alternative energy sources for your Halifax business, why not consider Solar Panels?

    Excellent Investment

    Solar panels in Halifax, regardless of brand, offer your business the opportunity to generate free and environmentally friendly electricity during daylight hours. This reduces reliance on grid energy and can save your company thousands of pounds in electricity bills.

    Economic Resilience

    Forecasts suggest a substantial increase in energy prices over the next decade. Investing in Halifax's solar panels is a clever strategy to secure a constant electricity cost, aiding precise financial planning and budgeting.

    Low Risk

    Commercial Solar PV technology offers reliability and proves to be a sound investment for those seeking higher returns than typical low-risk investments.

    Reduced Carbon Emissions

    Your carbon footprint will be reduced significantly by harnessing solar power, promoting sustainable operations and enhancing your company's reputation.

    Slash Your Margins And CO2.

    Installing commercial solar panels will not only help you reduce your Carbon Footprint, but also save considerable money on energy costs.

    Reducing dependence on fossil fuels and protecting yourself against fluctuating energy costs can lead to a secure return on investment and a considerable benefit.

    It's not unusual for amortisation periods to be under 5 years, as most such investments are usually settled in this period.

    Financial stability and an agile energy infrastructure are essential components of a well-functioning economy.

    CSR is a great way of boosting your company's public image.

    You can make a significant impact on reducing your carbon footprint.

    Reach out to us now to receive your customised quote, 3D concept, and comprehensive breakdown of cost-advantage and the duration of recovery for your Halifax solar panels.

    Start reducing your business expenditures now!

    Our team can provide you with a tailored quote for your business solar panel setup and will be pleased to address any queries you might have without any sense of pressure. Upon your green light, our Halifax solar installers will commence the sequential process to get your PV system operational!

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