Commercial Solar Panels Doncaster

Investing in commercial solar panels in Doncaster can be a great way to get amazing returns. Our highly experienced and proficient installers based out of Doncaster ensure that the payback period is short-lived. Making the decision now could be really rewarding for your business!


    Doncaster Commercial Solar Panels

    At PV People, we are dedicated to offering a simple way for your business to set up new commercial solar panels in Doncaster.

    Due to its lucrative returns, monetary advantages and ecological benefits, installing solar panels for your Doncaster business is a superb investment.

    Our commercial systems are backed with a 10 year workmanship warranty (up to 50kWp), while the inverter and panel have 25 years of coverage respectively; giving you peace of mind that no additional expenses will be incurred from repairs or maintenance.

    Step 1: Our modern modelling software offers a complimentary remote survey of solar PV in Doncaster.

    Our Doncaster-based solar installers will use advanced modelling software to conduct a remote desktop survey, utilising Google Earth imagery to determine how many commercial panels can be installed. This software will generate an in-depth performance report and during this time we will collect essential information from you concerning the job.

    Complete location details of the site.

    Your annual usage of electricity measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

    If your provider supplies half-hourly data, we ask that you include this.

    Your current rate for kilowatt-hour usage (generally around £0.30).

    The business hours during which your establishment operates.

    Whether your electricity supply is single-phase or three-phase.

    Do you manage more than one site or meter, or just a single one?

    If you need any assistance in collecting your data, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our Doncaster team of solar installers are happy to help and gladly provide support.

    Once we have been supplied with the details, we are able to collate them into a coherent report. This will summarise the cost of the solar PV system, as well as demonstrate how your company would benefit from its implementation. The data included will be of system size, cost, ROI, savings on bills and amortisation period. By considering this information, you can make an informed decision whether you would like to move forward with the formal site survey.

    To see an example remote-survey report, simply click this link: Remote Survey Example

    Step 2. A formal site-survey, electrical evaluation and 3D drone survey have been completed.

    Once you make up your mind to have an on-site evaluation and quote, a small fee will be applicable, based on system size. This assessment takes about two hours and is carried out in the presence of the operational and electrical representatives of the site. We shall talk about issues such as expected time frames, concerns related to operation, positioning of scaffolding, safety elements particular to your location, electrical connection points and where cables are supposed to be placed.

    Once the survey is done, we can finalise the estimated pricing from Step 1, which typically remains consistent. Subsequently, we showcase a definitive version of the project via our reliable grade modelling software.

    A drone survey will generate a 3D model with an accuracy of 1 cm.

    We carry out a comprehensive evaluation of financial and generational factors using high quality modelling software.

    A Bill of Materials containing all the components for solar installation, such as panels, inverters and mounting systems, is prepared.

    We will ascertain the specialist equipment needed for your particular project, including tele-handlers and cable jacks.

    We'll generate a detailed timeline for your solar panel installation.

    If you'd like to get a better idea of what a 3D-survey report looks like, there is an example available here: 3D Site-Survey Example.

    Step 3. We agree a price and the project is finalised

    Once you have given your approval to the system price, we require that you make an initial payment of 10% of the contract value. After this has been done, we will be able to commence your commercial solar installation in Doncaster. The project will then involve the following steps:

    Before proceeding, the grid connection must be attested by sending in an application to the DNO.

    We will create electrical schematics.

    A bill of materials for electrical connection to the existing infrastructure will be generated.

    The risk assessment will need to be done onsite.

    Following this we place the necessary stock on reserve.

    Once this stage is finished, it should be possible for our Doncaster solar installers to move ahead, typically in about a month.

    4. Installation & Handover

    1. We get project ready

    Scaffolding is put together.

    GivEnergy battery storage systems, inverters, mounting hardware, and electrical kits will all be shipped to customers.

    We take care of organising any specialist equipment that is needed.

    Once the goods have been received, we require an additional 40% payment.

    2. We begin the installation

    Our engineers are knowledgeable in the procedures already underway at the location and will execute the task appropriately.

    To enable the solar connections, we usually require a site electrical shutdown for a couple of hours. This can be scheduled to take place during off-peak times or when operations will not be greatly affected.

    Our Doncaster-based solar installers can usually have a system operational within a week or quicker.

    3. The handover is complete

    Once the PV solar system has been commissioned and all relevant electrical tests have been conducted, key personnel on-site will receive an overview of its workings via explanation and demonstration.

    The handover pack comprises of documents such as the emergency shutdown process, final invoice, and evidence of ownership.

    Once the first half has been settled, the remaining sum must be paid.

    Don't wait around! The perfect choice for your installation needs in Doncaster is PV People. We guarantee a turnaround of less than one month with payment only taken when you're fully content - what could be better?

    If you own a business in Doncaster, why not consider investing in solar panels?

    Excellent Investment

    Irrespective of the producer, solar panels located in Doncaster can supply your business with complimentary, environmentally friendly electricity during daylight hours. This reduces your grid energy dependency, potentially saving you thousands on your energy expenditures.

    Economic Resilience

    With anticipated energy cost escalations in the upcoming decade, Doncaster's solar panels serve as a great tool to secure a fixed electricity rate. This facilitates more precise financial planning and budgeting.

    Minimal Risk

    Commercial Solar PV is a trustworthy technology, making it a rational choice for investors seeking higher returns than those offered by traditional low-risk investments.

    Reduced Carbon Footprint

    Producing solar energy minimises your carbon footprint, promotes sustainable facilities, and enhances your company's reputation.

    Begin reducing your expenditures and emissions.

    By leveraging commercial solar panels, you'll be helping to reduce your Carbon Footprint and significantly lowering your energy expenses.

    Cutting down on your reliance on fossil fuels and protecting your company from energy cost fluctuations can give you considerable returns and a worthwhile yield.

    It is usual for amortisation periods to be shorter than 5 years; this is typical as most of these investments are finalised within this period.

    Having stable finances and the ability to respond to changing energy demands are crucial for any well-functioning economy.

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be a great way of improving your business's public image.

    You can significantly lower your carbon output.

    Get in touch with us now to receive a tailored quotation, 3D plan and thorough analysis of the cost advantages and timescale of repayment for your Doncaster solar panel installation.

    Start reducing your business costs today!

    We'd be delighted to provide a customised quote for your commercial solar panel installation and our sales team are on hand to answer any queries you may have in a pressure-free environment. Once you give us the go ahead, our Doncaster solar installers will initiate the progressive procedure needed to get your PV system operational!

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