Commercial Solar Panels Barnsley

Barnsley’s commercial solar panel solutions provide a good return on investment, with a quick payback period. Our knowledgeable and experienced Barnsley solar installers can help make investing in solar PV an extremely profitable decision for your business.


    Commercial Solar Panels Barnsley

    Here at PV People, our goal is to simplify the process of installing commercial solar panels in Barnsley.

    Installing solar panels for your Barnsley business is an outstanding investment because of the fiscal savings it offers, as well as the environmental rewards. It's a win-win situation with combined ROI.

    Our commercial systems are backed by a warranty for system workmanship up to 10 years (under 50kWp), and inverters and panels that guarantee up to 25 years of protection - giving you peace of mind that no money will need to be spent on repairs or maintenance.

    Step 1: We are offering a complimentary remote survey of solar PV in Barnsley, using the most modern modelling software.

    Our installers in Barnsley will use state-of-the-art modelling software to carry out a remote desktop survey, tapping into Google Earth imagery to decide the quantity of panels feasible to install. The program provides a complete breakdown of the project's performance, while we acquire all necessary data from you for the task.

    Complete site location details.

    Annual electricity usage in kWh.

    We ask for any half-hourly data your provider may have available.

    Current cost per kWh you're incurring (typically about £0.30).

    Operating schedule of your establishment.

    Whether your power supply is single phase or three phase.

    The number of sites/meters you operate - single or multiple?

    Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help gathering data. Our Barnsley solar installers are always available to provide assistance.

    Once we have the details, we can produce a report that outlines the cost of the solar PV system and its advantages. The report will include information on system size, cost, ROI, how much you can save on bills and amortisation period, so you can make an informed decision on whether to continue with the formal site survey.

    One can view an example of a remote-survey report here: Remote Survey Example

    Step 2. After carrying out a formal site-survey, an electrical assessment and a 3D drone survey have been completed.

    Once you decide to have an on-site evaluation and quote, there will be a nominal fee depending on the system size. This survey usually takes two hours with the site's operational and electrical representatives present. We'll go over estimated time frames, operational issues, scaffolding placements, safety concerns specific to your location, electrical connections, and cable placements.

    Once the survey has been completed, Step 1's estimated pricing can be confirmed. Our dependable grade modelling software is then used to present a finished draft of the project.

    A 3D model from our drone survey will be produced, which is accurate to 1 cm.

    We carry out a detailed financial and generational examination using banking-level modelling technology.

    A bill of materials encompassing all solar components - panels, inverters and mounting - is created.

    We'll determine the specialist equipment needed for your unique project, including telescopes and cable jacks.

    The timeline for the solar panel system will be prepared formally.

    If you want to see an example of a 3D survey report, then this is the right place: 3D Site-Survey Example

    Step 3. We agree on a price for the project and then finalise it.

    Once you have given the okay to the price of the system, we will require 10% of the contract's value in order to move ahead with your Barnsley commercial solar setup. Subsequently, we'll be able to undertake the subsequent project steps.

    A DNO application must be submitted in order to confirm the grid.

    We will create electrical diagrams to visualise the components of an electrical system.

    A bill of materials for the electrical connection to the existing infrastructure will be created.

    A risk analysis of the site will be performed.

    We then set aside stock for reserve.

    Once this step has been completed, our Barnsley solar installers should be good to go and usually, the project will be ready within a month.

    4. Installing and Handing over

    1. Getting Ready

    We assemble the scaffolding.

    Essential equipment like GivEnergy battery storage systems, inverters, and mounting hardware, along with electrical kits, are delivered.

    We prepare any specialist equipment that might be needed.

    Once all the materials are received, we ask for an additional payment of 40%.

    2. The Installation Process

    Our proficient engineers, understanding the ongoing operations on site, will carry out the work accordingly.

    A brief electrical shut-down is usually required to complete the solar connections. This shutdown can be scheduled during off-peak times or at your convenience to minimise disruption.

    In general, our Barnsley solar installers can have a system operational within seven days or less.

    3. System Handover

    After the PV solar system has been fully commissioned and all electrical tests conducted, we will explain and demonstrate the operation to the key on-site personnel.

    The handover packet will include the emergency shutdown procedure, final invoice, and proof of ownership.

    We then ask for the final payment of the remaining 50% balance.

    So, wait no more! Choose PV People for your solar installation needs in Barnsley! Enjoy short lead times of less than a month, and rest assured that payment is only required once you're fully satisfied. What could be better?

    Why buy Solar Panels for your Barnsley business?

    A quality investment

    Barnsley based solar panels, from any manufacturer, provide businesses with free, renewable energy during daylight hours. This could result in considerable savings on energy costs due to decreased demand from the grid.

    Financial stability

    It has been estimated that energy prices will rocket in the upcoming years, making solar panels in Barnsley a cost-effective way to fix your electricity rates. This gives you the ability to precisely arrange your financial plans and budget suitably.

    Little risk!

    Solar Power as a form of energy generation is reliable, and a feasible choice for those seeking to earn greater rewards than are attainable through more conservative low-risk investments.

    Reduction in CO2 footprint

    Generating solar energy is an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint, embrace sustainable practices, and enhance your company's reputation.

    Slash the bills and your CO2 with solar.

    By installing commercial solar panels, you'll be helping to reduce your Carbon Footprint and significantly cutting your energy costs.

    Reducing your dependence on fossil fuels and ensuring your business is protected from energy cost fluctuation can prove beneficial and will bring you a solid return.

    A typical amortisation period of under 5 years is usual. Most investments are concluded within this window.

    Financial stability and energy autonomy are essential components of a successful economy.

    CSR can be a great tool for improving your business' image with the public.

    You can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

    Contact us now to get your own tailored quote, 3D design, together with the comprehensive breakdown of the cost-benefits assessment and payback period for Barnsley solar panels.

    Reduce your business expenses now!

    We can tailor a quote to your business needs and our sales team is ready to address any of your queries without feeling pushed. Obtain approval and we'll have our Barnsley solar experts take you the necessary steps in getting your PV system in effect!

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