Commercial Solar Panels Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough commercial solar panels are an investment with a great return and practical payback. Thanks to our professional installers based in Middlesbrough, business owners can make a highly profitable choice right now.


    Commercial Solar Panels Middlesbrough

    At PV People, our aim is to simplify the process of incorporating commercial solar panels into Middlesbrough businesses. We are dedicated to providing a straightforward solution.

    Installing solar panels for your Middlesbrough business can be a great financial decision, with impressive returns and cost reductions. In addition to that, it has a great environmental impact. All in all, this is an investment worth making.

    Our systems and inverters both come with a 10-year warranty, while your panels are covered up to 25 years. This means that you won’t have to worry about paying for any repairs or maintenance.

    Step 1: Our modelling software can be used to carry out a remotely-located photovoltaic survey free of charge in Middlesbrough.

    Our solar installers in Middlesbrough will use advanced software and Google Earth imagery to undertake a remote desktop survey. Through this, they will be able to access performance data and receive important information from you relating to the project:

    First we will take your site’s full address.

    We will also require an annual electrical consumption report (kWh).

    If you have half-hourly data available from your provider, please ensure it's included in your submission.

    Your kWh usage is typically priced at around £0.30.

    What are the hours your business is open?

    If your power supply is three phase or single phase,

    Whether you have multiple sites or multiple meters.

    If you require any help collecting the information, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our Middlesbrough solar installers are standing by to lend a hand.

    Having all relevant information at our fingertips, we'll help you build a comprehensive report about your solar PV system including its size, cost, return on investment, bill savings and amortisation period. With this knowledge, you'll be able to decide if obtaining a professional site survey is the best option for your firm.

    To get an idea, you can see what a remote-survey looks like here: Remote Survey Example

    Step 2. A site-survey, with an electrical assessment and drone survey, has been successfully completed and authorized.

    Upon making the decision to get an on-site evaluation and quote, a fee will be charged, relative to the size of your system. During a two-hour consultation, we'll assess such elements as approximate time frames, operational details, scaffolding matters, safety concerns exclusive to your space, electrical connections and wiring layout. We suggest that both your operational and electrical personnel attend.

    Once the survey is finished, we can confirm our estimated pricing from Step 1. After that, we use our dependable grade modelling software to show the final project version.

    A 3D model, made from the data collected by our drone, will be created with a precision of 1 cm.

    Our team utilises bank-grade modelling software to provide an extensive financial and generational review.

    A comprehensive list of components needed for solar installation is recorded in a Bill of Materials - this includes all panels, inverters, and mounting solutions.

    We will identify the specific equipment needed for your special project, such as tele-handlers and cable jacks.

    We'll provide a timeline for your solar panel system so you can clearly view the details of your project.

    We also provide 3D-survey reports for those who want to take a closer look. Here is an example of a 3D Site-Survey.

    You can see an example 3D-survey report here: 3D Site-Survey Example

    Step 3. Middlesbrough Solar price agreement & finalisation

    Once you have given the go ahead for the system cost, in order to move ahead on your Middlesbrough commercial solar installation, we will require an initial instalment of 10% of the contractual sum. Subsequently, we will look to complete the following stages of the project:

    The grid requires confirmation via a DNO application submission.

    After that we will need to draft an Electrical Schematic.

    A bill of materials for the necessary electrical connections to the existing infrastructure will be generated.

    A site assessment will then be done in order to identify any potential hazards.

    Next, we arrange stock to be put on reserve.

    Once this is done, our Middlesbrough solar installers should be able to start work on the project in a month's time.

    4. Installation followed by Handover

    1. Our Preparation

    Any necessary scaffolding is safely erected.

    We will supply all the essential products, from inverters and GivEnergy battery storage systems to solar electrical kits and mountings.

    Any specialist equipment we require will be arrange at this time.

    As soon as we have received the necessary products and they are ready we will request an additional 40% of the cost.

    2. The Installation Begins

    Our Middlesbrough solar engineers, with their expertise, are aware of any activities already completed on-site and will work accordingly.

    To efficiently link up with solar energy, a site electrical cut-off of a few hours is usually needed. To minimise any impact, this can be booked during low-traffic times or when processes are running at minimal capacity.

    Typically, our solar installers in Middlesbrough can get a system up and running in a matter of days - typically under a week.

    3. We Complete The Handover!

    After the PV solar system is commissioned and all the necessary electrical tests have been performed, personnel at the site will get a full demonstration of its features, along with an explanation of how it works.

    The handover package will contain information regarding the emergency shutdown procedure, the most recent invoice and proof of ownership.

    Afterward, we will require that the last 50% of the balance be paid in full.

    Don't delay any further! PV People are the ideal installers for your Middlesbrough task - they'll get it done in under four weeks, and you won’t have to pay out until you're thoroughly satisfied. The perfect package!

    What makes solar panels such a great choice for your business in Middlesbrough?

    Reliable investment

    Solar panels from Middlesbrough can give your business a free, renewable power source during the day, no matter the manufacturer. This could reduce your reliance on electricity from the grid and result in substantial savings on energy bills.

    Great Financially

    It is predicted that energy prices will dramatically rise in the near future, making solar panels in Middlesbrough a smart way to secure a fixed rate for your electricity. This gives you peace of mind and makes budgeting simpler.

    Little to worry about

    Commercial Solar PV offers investors an efficient and viable opportunity for higher financial returns than other, lower-risk investments.

    CO2 emissions improved

    By utilizing solar energy, you can help cut down your carbon footprint, progress sustainable structures, and increase the standing of your business.

    Start reducing your outgoings and your carbon footprint.

    Installing solar panels for your business can both reduce your Carbon Footprint and significantly cut down your energy bills.

    By making wise use of fossil fuels and guarding your organisation from energy cost fluctuation, you can be certain to get a beneficial return on investment.

    A common amortisation period is usually under five years, with most investments being typically settling within that time.

    It is vital for an economy to be supported by a steady source of funds and energy.

    Corporate Social Responsibility is an effective tool for increasing your business's public profile.

    This will minimise your environmental footprint.

    Phone us today for a tailored quote, 3D plan, and thorough evaluation of the profits and recuperation period for your designated solar panels in Middlesbrough.

    Begin reducing your business outlay today!

    We provide tailored quotations for you business solar panel system and our sales team would be happy to answer your questions. If you like what we have to offer, our Middlesbrough solar installers can begin the process to get your PV system up and running!

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