Air Conditioning

Cool your home for free when you combine air conditioning with solar panels!


    Air Conditioning

    Cool your home for free when you combine Solar Panels with Air Conditioning!

    Modern Air Conditioning systems are extremely efficient ways to cool and heat your home using electric. When installed alongside solar panels you create a more comfortable, healthier home, and given the energy demand from air-conditioning is high when the sun is shining you can usually do so for free!


    Extremely quiet operation

    Consistent low noise levels, especially at night.


    Split Units

    One outdoor condenser can supply multiple indoor units.


    An energy efficient system

    A+++ models for cost effective and reliable comfort.


    Stylish wall mounted units

    Slimline systems in a variety of colours.


    Cost effective cooling

    Low cost and easy to operate with Wi-Fi controls.


    Intuitive controls

    Easy to use controls make controlling your climate simple.


    Mitsubishi Electric Elegance Series Air Conditioning
    from £1,995 fully installed.

    The Elegance series combines simplistic design with energy efficient performance. It's air purifying filter generates stable anti-bacterial, mould and deodorising effects. With noise levels as low as 10dBA, the Elegance series takes comfort cooling to a new level.

    Backlit Controllers

    Scheduling Options

    Simple To Use Screens

    With current lead times of under one month choose PV people today as your preferred installation partner!

    Live well

    Air conditioning can help to regulate the temperate of your living space. By combining an impressively low power consumption with quiet yet powerful performance, and an aesthetically appealing design, there's no better way to stay cool at home than with our M Series air conditioning range.

    Work well

    Working from home doesn't have to mean working in uncomfortable temperatures. Take a look at our air conditioning range, and find the perfect system to help replicate your usual office environment. Our complete range offers low power consumption, powerful performance and is the perfect solution for your home office, whatever your budget may be.

    Sleep well

    Comfortable and efficient cooling at night in your bedroom ensures a good night's sleep. The Mitsubishi Electric range of popular wall mounted air conditioning units with low noise levels can provide the constant comfort you need day and night.

    Stay well

    Air conditioning systems at home make for healthier spaces by improving air quality for asthma and hay fever suffers. They also make your home more comfortable by reducing the humidity and moisture levels, especially during the spring and summer months.

    Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems allow for advance climate control and with dual barrier coatings and Plasma Quad Plus technology, dust accumulation is eliminated and microscopic particles are filtered from the air.

    Air Conditioning FAQ

    We can create the perfect indoor environment for your home, whatever the weather, air conditioning is the ideal solution, with a compact design and multiple colour options, our wall mounted units provide the aesthetic appeal that homeowners are looking for.

    Combine this with low noise levels, ease of operation and energy-efficiency, and there is no better option for homeowners to stay cool during the summer and warm in winter.

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